The company offers a variety of coatings for different types of roofs, such as bitumen based and acrylic roof coatings which can be used on felt and cement fibre roofs. We install a singly ply membrane system which is also the basis for green roofs.

Another roofing system is sheeting and cladding, both single and double skin and over-roofing. In all areas we understand new build, replacement of existing roofs and repairs to existing roofs. Other repairs we undertake include metal gutter replacement, skylight repair or replacement and installation of solar skylights (solar tunnels). We also provide twice yearly gutter cleaning and roof cleaning (removal of bird lime from coastal roofs).

Sheeting and Cladding

  • Replacement of old roofs including upgrading of insulation etc. to modern building standards
  • Over-roofing – addition of a second skin with insulation to an existing roof
  • Repair/replacement of sheets in an existing roof
  • Repair/replacement of skylights
  • Replacement of cement fibre gutters

Flat Roofs / Felt Roofs

  • Installation of single ply membrane roofs on new-build or existing
  • Installation of singly ply roof with sedum to provide a green roof
  • Re-lining of metal gutters with single ply membrane
  • Repairs to single ply roofs
  • Liquid waterproofing of flat felt roofs with a membrane embedded in a bitumen based liquid waterproofing material – the Hyperflex system


Maintenance contracts for twice yearly gutter cleaning or roof cleaning.

However large the gutter and outfall, if they are not regularly cleaned out, problems can occur as water from blocked gutters runs down walls and causes larger problems to main fabric of the building. We offer a twice yearly gutter cleaning contract where we remove all rubbish, silt, mud, plant growth and bird lime from the gutters and inspect them for weak areas needing treatment.

We also offer a roof cleaning service, removing bird lime and unwanted plant growth.